Friday, May 1, 2009

Not a big Weekend Planned Now...
Thanks to the Swine Flu! I was planning to go to the Fort Worth Mayfest this weekend and the city canceled it. (bummer) All those pour people that had to pull up stakes and load all their stuff back up. Tons of good food gone to waste. That's so sad. It looks like rain again anyway. Just got back from Home Depot were we got a few flowers and some veggies to plant. I heard on the movie Steal Magnolias, that's what old people are suppose to do...grow tomatoes and stuff.
I went out to lunch today with a good friend and we had such a lovely time. This is her picture but she's wearing a wig for Halloween. She's a cutie, I could never pull this look off but it looks great on her! Thank's Kristy for spending time with me today...I need that. Had some good girl talk and went to a scrapbook store and bought a few things. Felt good to get out with a friend!
We stopped in a little store called "The Twisted Pepper" I like to buy spices from them. It's sad but they will be closing this month and I got a chance to talk to the owner today. *snif * I'll miss her shop however, she's opening a farmer's market tomorrow in the same little downtown square...I'm so excited so.... that will become my new weekend activity. I know what your thinking right now...boy! I'm sure jealous of her life, she really knows how live to the fullest!!! LOL
Well...everybody have a great weekend !! TTFN

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  1. You have to send me that photo, and any others you have of Halloween at the rec. center.

    I had a good time today also. Sorry, to have to cut it short. School will be out soon and then we will have more chances to kill time together