Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Sweet Daddy

Yesterday we went to the cancer center and he will be receiving radiation everyday for the next 8 weeks. That will be until the 12th of July. They say it has 85% cure rate with this treatment. Say a prayer for my dad, please. I will be the one taking him everyday so it's like having a new temp. job. He has such a sweet soul. I look forward to spending some one on one time with him. I have learned a lot in watching my parents age. We can never give up...not even for a short period of time. It takes no time at all for your body to turn against you. We truly need to treat our bodies like temples. I think maybe this is the answer to the prayer I've be looking for. I pray that God will inspire me to lose weight, take better care of myself, etc. I think he has opened my eyes to get started. I have always had a positive outlook but, lately a lot has happened and I kind of gave up...I can't let that happen. I am worth fighting for, I need to just find and make the time to take care for me. Give me a "F" give me an"I" know the rest. If you're reading this it means you are special to me. Think about yourself as much as I love you, please! Have a great and health filled day. I think I'm going to run into the kitchen and make me a healthy orange smoothie!! Big bottoms up!!!! lol

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  1. Ohhh, give your dad a huge hug for me. I'm glad that his prognosis is good. Check out the girl on that OJ carton when you make your smoothie..she's a looker..hahaha. I love you sweetie..just the way you are.