Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nights like tonight make me think back to my Teenage Years

Coming home from my parents house tonight made me remember back to when my girlfriends and I would sit on the tailgail of my dad's pick-up, out next to the street and wait for the boys (and friends) to drive by, remember that Daneila? I loved when the evenings lasted longer and it still wasn't dark at 8:00. We could sit out there for hours and talk with friends. Great times!!! The air just has a different smell this time of year. It also makes me think of when we would go to the drive-in on Monday nights, down the street from my house. (remember those days Teresa?) Wish I could still get into the jeans I wore back then! LOL


  1. Your memory is so much better than mine. Thank god, because I had completely forgotten that you were in the labor room with me. Geez...How ya doin' punkin? MIss ya tons.


  2. Oh Sweetie...this has been a really hard week. I'm really mentally tired tonight. Wish you were here...we'd go play some bingo tonight!! LOL I guess your cold is all gone...that makes me happy! Did you get my message about Vegas?
    Miss you more!!

  3. Oh punkin, I"m sorry you've had a rough week. You should have called me. I tried to call you the night before Mothers Day.

    Bingo? Seriously Paula? oh god, we're old. I like bingo too. What happened to us? haha

    Feel better soon and if you want to talk, just call. I'm always here for you sweetie. xoxo

  4. Remember...that's our only form of gambling here. I go with Jacob and all his friends. I'm the only old one in the bunch. We have a ball!!!!

  5. ok, I'm in...but I play to win..ok for real, I NEVER win. Mom and I went to the casino the other night and I lost 100 big ones. I"m going to start sending the casino a check and save myself the trouble.

    Cant wait to see you girlfriend. I'm gonna have to give you a big ole' Texas hug.